Tech- Driven Kitchen of the Future

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The kitchen was unveiled at the KBIS in 2015. It was the first phase of a three-year plan for FutureHAUS. The kitchen of the future incorporates such high-tech features such as an interactive back splash that can serve as a vitrual window or a display for recipes while cooking. Features include:

-An oven camera that allows bakers to monitor from anywhere in the house.

-A refridgerator that knows when food is running low or out of date.

-A glass countertop that gives an uninterupted work surface with convection burners beneath it, so it can convert to a cooktop.

-Touch and gesture devices that open and close cabinets and appliances.

The FutureHAUS bathroom was at the KBIS 2016 show, the master bedroom and home office we unveiled at the KBIS 2017 show.