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I want to share this great opportunity  for hourly or part time rental location in the heart of Brookline Village. The space contains a yoga studio, 3 private rooms and shared facilities. Please note Michael's email below to preview, show or any questions. This modern approach to having available, this prime rental space without the overhead is worth sharing with everybody you know. 

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The name: That Wellness Place
The location: 29 Harvard Street in Brookline

That Wellness Place will consist of the entire 2nd floor at 29 Harvard Street and will have two zones of opportunity. One zone is a beautiful and well-maintained yoga studio overlooking Brookline Village and has a capacity of up to 20 individual mats. The second zone contains 3 private and peaceful rooms. Both zones will share a common waiting area, 2 bathrooms, shower facilities, elevator access and a wide stairwell for walk up access.

Each zone will be its own area of opportunity and available for rent separate from the other. Or both zones can be rented together. Each zone can be rented on an hourly basis or for extended time periods.

> The yoga studio zone will be $30/hr.
> The private rooms zone will include all 3 rooms simultaneously and will be $25/hr.

This is a great opportunity for independent specialists to host and run their own private or group sessions in a space typically reserved for full time monthly renters. These hosts will be able to achieve a greater return for their time as they will escape the limitations when working for an established studio, gym or office. No long-term commitments are required. Hosts will simply choose and commit to the hours they want; one week at time, one month at time, or even the day of if available.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Michael Speicher at to set a time to view the space in person.

This is a great opportunity for:
Yoga instructors
Personal trainers
Health and fitness instructors
Massage therapists
Mental health professionals
Group therapy
Open studio for artists
Private gatherings and events
And even more…