How to Use the Energy to Power Your Home

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The sun is the largest superpower in the universe- and it provides heat, light, and energy for free! Are you interested in saving money, costs, and portecting the environment? Renewable energy is for you! 

Ways To Use Solar Power:

  • Pathway lights: Define a walkway or garden with luminaries.
  • Water heater: Sunlight enters the box, traps heat and then reflecting it provides alternative heating for a pool.
  • Tubular skylight: A roof mounted tube collects sunlight, allowing light to pass through and diffuse distribution. Good for lighting small spaces.
  • Thermal storage cubes: Storing heat during the day, the cylinders release it at night, acting as a solar space heater.
  • Mobile device charger: A foldable solar panel, can be placed over your cell phone to charge it using the sunlight.
  • Solar generator: This can be used as an emergency generator.

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